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In response to Huffington Post’s video about things “only women hear” >___>

woman-shouting-in-a-mans-earimages (3)woman-shouting-in-mans-earangry-woman-shouting-at-man1


Huff post, somewhat recently posted a video talking about 48 things women hear that men “just don’t” ( .

So aside from the blatant bigotry in that statement, it also shows the true nature of the one sided crusade against “sexism” and “misogyny” that feminism has been spearheading since who knows when.

But it takes two to tango, right?

In response to the video in question, here are much, much more than 48 things that men hear that women most likely won’t.

This was taken from a comment posted by the YouTube user known as “Boddah” on this video:

(Since this was copied and pasted from the comment, it may not entirely be in order, but I’ve arranged it so that you can still easily follow.)


1 Foreskin is gross

2 Short guys are pathetic

3 Men are pigs

4 Man up

5 Masculinity is toxic

6 Men can’t be raped

7 Only men can rape

8 Grow a pair

9 I bet you have a small dick

10 Only men are sexist

11 Check your male privilege

12 Men are useless

13 He’s probably a pedophile

14 He’s probably a virgin

15 Only men should be forced to sign up for the draft

16 Creep

17 Misogynist

18 You still play video games? loser

19 You still watch cartoons (Anime)?, loser

20 Chauvinistic pig

21 I bet you don’t get laid

22 You’re not a real man

23 You don’t find me attractive? you must be gay, faggot.

24 Real men do/A real man would [Insert Bullshit]

25 A man should never hit a woman (what they really mean is don’t defend yourself)

26 Men are violent

27 Teach men/boys not to rape

28 Male genital mutilation is okay but female genital mutilation is wrong

29 Men oppress women

30 Men don’t know how to raise children

31 I bet you hate your mom

32 Men should do all the heavy lifting

33 And you call yourself a man

34 Women shouldn’t have to do that, men should!.

35 Disgustingly Morbidly Obese Women : Real men like curves, only dogs like bones

36 You’re the reason the patriarchy exist

37 Stop crying 38 Real men don’t cry

39 Wuss

40 Pussy

41 We don’t give a shit about men’s issues

42 I won’t date a guy if he’s not mutilated (circumcised)

43 Take it like a man 44 What do you call guys under

5’11? friends.

45 We live in a rape culture and men are to blame

46 All men rape 47 Misogynistic patriarchal shitlord

48 #Maletears

49 #Masculinitysofragile

50 #Killallmen

51 Men’s rights are bad for women

52 Men are evil

53 Porn is degrading to women

54 Only men are capable of domestic violence/abuse

55 Don’t stare at me creep 5

6 Guy: Hey Girl: I have a boyfriend (Even tho she really doesn’t) Guy: thinks to himself. All I said was hey, not suck my dick

57 I hate men

58 You hate women

59 Why do you hate women?

60 Male safe spaces are dangerous

61 Men shouldn’t have shelters

62 He wanted it (Referring to when women rape boys/men)

63 How dare you compare female genital mutilation to male genital mutilation (circumcision)

64 Comparing female genital mutilation to male genital mutilation (circumcision) is offensive to girls/women

65 Male genital mutilation (circumcision) is not comparable to female genital mutilation

66 I don’t care how you feel about male genital mutilation (circumcision)

67 Eww his dick looks like an anteater (Foreskin)

68 Male genital mutilation (circumcision) isn’t a big deal (News flash bitch! YES IT IS!)

69 My body my choice, it’s his penis but it’s my choice if I wanna mutilate it

70 Only guys that can’t get laid watch porn

71 What are you gonna do? hit a girl? punches slaps kicks scratch hits him with objects while mocking him

72 Men are assholes, why can’t I find a nice guy? (you did but you immediately friend zoned him and decided to date an actual asshole)

73 Only men should pay child support

74 Men should pay for everything

75 A woman shouldn’t have to do that, that’s a man’s job

76 There’re too many men in S.T.E.M fields, and not enough women (News flash cunt, most women don’t wanna be in S.T.E.M fields)

77. There are too many men in in politics. and not enough women (News flash you shitty wank stain, most women don’t wanna be in politics)

78 Men should pay more taxes

79 Wage gap

80 Feminism is about equality (BULLSHIT LIE! IT’S A HATE GROUP)

81 Women shouldn’t have to pay taxes, only men should

82 Birth control and abortion should be free, translation: Men should pay for our uterus

83 Men shouldn’t have male birth control, it could be bad for women.

84 If you’re not a feminist you’re a misogynist

85 If you’re not a feminist you’re a bigot

86 Men’s Right Activists hate women

87 It’s the patriarchy’s fault

88 If he doesn’t have a tone of money and drives a nice expansive car he’s not worth it

89 Men objectify women

90 Men have it easy in society, women have it hard

91 Male suicides aren’t important

92 Circumcised dicks are gross (Intact penises are better, but that’s no reason to shame someone who had no say and was strapped down on to a board and had their genitals mutilated)

93 He/she is not you kid he/she is mine and I won’t let you in his/her life, now give me child support money

94 Only men should have to pay vagimony…I mean alimony

95 It’s his fault I cheated (No, bitch you’re a slore)

96 Give me half of your shit, even though I did fuck all to deserve it (Divorce)

97 Men are stupid and need women to do everything for them, they’re manchildren (Actually, majority of the time it’s the other way around)

98 You watch wrestling?, you’re such a manchild loser

99 Mouth breathing knuckle-dragger 100 Men can’t/don’t know how to cook (Fact: most of the greatest chefs in the world are men)

101 Women should serve less time for the same crime a man commits (They do serve less time for the same crime)

102 You should believe a woman’s rape claim even tho there’s no evidence (We already do)

103 You should believe a woman’s battered claim even though there’s no evidence (We already do)

104 Disagreeing with women makes you a misogynist

105 He probably doesn’t have a job and lives in his mom’s basement

106 You’ll never have a girlfriend

107 Men that masturbate can’t get a girlfriend/ can’t get laid

108 Men believe there entitled to women’s body

109 A woman taking selfie pics is sex positive but men are creeps for looking at them 110 My husband/boyfriend can’t have any female friends

110 Men can’t be trusted

111 Male rape isn’t as bad as female rape

112 Male rape victims aren’t as important as female rape victims

113 Prostate and testicular cancer isn’t as important as breast cancer

114 Don’t cry you’re a man, you’re supposed to be strong (People cry, not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long – Johnny Depp)

115 Suck-it-up

116 Be a man

117 You’re too weak (physical strength)

118 You’re dick is too small

119 You have a big/flashy car, you must be compensating for something

120 No girl wants to date a scrawny guy

121 Sissy

122 You’re a man, you couldn’t possibly understand

123 Deadbeat

124 You were just a sperm donor

125 You’re too sensitive

126 You’re not sensitive enough

127 Sexism against men is okay

128 Women and children first

129 Misandry is self defense

130 Man-Flu

131 Men don’t have to worry about walking home at night ( As if men never get jumped/killed/robbed at night, even tho we are the primary victims of violence)

132 He’s too nice

133 I rather date a bad boy

134 Games objectify women

135 Men aren’t objectified

136 Comics set unrealistic standers for women’s bodies

137 Men can’t be sexually harassed

138 #WasteHisTime

139 Misandry doesn’t exist


If you have taken the time to read that long ass list, then I salute you.

Comment down below, and tell me what you think.

Is this an eye opener?

Do you think that some of these are false?

Do you think that some of the things women were listed as saying here are actually true and shouldn’t be ignored?

Are you looking to simply hate and throw shade in the comment section?

Well go right the fuck ahead, because I believe in the freedom of speech–something our current generation apparently views as Darth Vader


I’m out, folks.